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JavaScript to Rust and Back Again: A wasm-bindgen Tale


The interface between WebAssembly and JavaScript is currently a massive pain point. Your only options for passing data between the two are directly four numeric types, and indirectly via linear memory (i.e. an array). This restriction effects the JS / wasm interface irrespective of which language you are using (C++, Rust, AssemblyScript).

This blog post introduces wasm-bindgen, a new tool from the Mozilla team, that generates code in both Rust and wasm that creates richer bindings, allowing you to seamlessly pass strings, structs, and even DOM objects. It is a kind of ‘future polyfill’ for host bindings. The tool is also language agnostic by design, so expect to see the bindings improve in other languages too.

WebAssembly powered Matrix and Vector library


The number of WebAssembly powered libraries is slowly rising, this one is a port of gl-matrix, which claims to run twice as fast.

Video - The WebAssembly Revolution Has Begun


Jay Phelps is something of a WebAssembly expert, here he talks about WebAssembly, discussing what it is, how it can be used today, and the opportunities it will unlock in the years to come.

And Finally …

How about WebAssembly contracts running on blockchain?