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ES Module Integration Proposal


The current version of WebAssembly is very much an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), meaning that its feature set is quite minimal. There are numerous proposals currently in flight that will bring garbage collection, host bindings, SIMD and many other new features.

With WebPack, Rollup and other bundlers racing ahead and integration WebAssembly there is a pressing need to get some standard in place. This proposal, which has an excellent explainer video, seeks to put in place a standard before the community races too far ahead!

The current state of Kotlin and WebAssembly


Another area where WebAssembly is rapidly evolving is language support. This post looks at the current state of Kotlin support. It uses the LLVM compiler, so wasm compilation is certainly possible, however, there are quite a few loose ends that need tidying up. This post explores them.

C#, WebAssembly and Zork


An interesting blog post where the author shares his experience of porting a text-based adventure game to the web. Rather than use Blazor, they have used Ooui.

And Finally …

With Blazor, this opens the door for Microsoft releasing Silverlight 6.