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Get started building .NET web apps that run in the browser with Blazor


It was only a few weeks ago that Blazor, an open source project by Steve Sanderson, was adopted by Microsoft. This blog post announces an impressive looking ‘preview’ release. Definitely of interest for C# .NET devs wanting to target the web. For a good background on how Blazor works I’d recommend Steve’s earlier blog post.

Of course, the hype-machine is in full swing, with the Visual Studio magazine declaring ‘Death to JavaScript’. The comments on reddit are also a fun read if you’ve got a few hours to spare. Either way, there are a whole lot of people who bet on Silverlight, who are a little happier now!

Quick Sort


This is the first ‘pure wasm’ module I’ve seen on npm. It’s a simple quick-sort algorithm, written directly in WebAssembly wat text format. I’m sure we’ll see more of these in future!

A Rust Framework for making Client Web Apps


Yew is a modern Rust framework inspired by Elm and ReactJS, bringing Rust another step closer to being a first-class language for the web.

And Finally …

The Ember team announced that they are replacing their core VM with WebAssembly, written in Rust.