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Making WebAssembly better for Rust & for all languages


This has been a big news week for WebAssembly, and this post by Lin Clark is probably the biggest! Mozilla are pushing to make Rust a first-class language for the web. This post looks at how they are tackling some of the main areas of friction; bundling, npm distribution and JS bindings. The post also announces wasm-bindgen, a language-independent tool for generating bindings that make it easier to pass structured data between a wasm module and the host environment.

Ooui.Wasm - .NET in the browser


You’ll no doubt have heard of the Blazor project, which combines the Mono team’s efforts to run C# on the web with Razor templates, creating a SPA framework? The Ooui framework is also making significant progress towards bringing .NET to the browser, using the same Mono wasm runtime, combined with Xaml.



Want to run WebAssembly within a JVM? Here you go … a wasm runtime written in Java!

And Finally …

File under ‘misinformation’ … here’s a much-shared, yet ill-informed blog post that warns of how WebAssembly opens up the browser to C/C++ exploits.