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GOTO 2017: WebAssembly What? And What Next?


In this fantastic talk from Google’s GOTO conference Ben Tizer gives a great introduction to the practical size of WebAssembly, followed by Andreas Rossberg, who gives us some insight into the specification and how it was formed.

In the final part of the talk Andreas takes a look at upcoming WebAssembly features, giving a quick insight into what features like tail-call, multi-return, GC and host bindings might bring, and when. Here’s a direct link to Andreas’ part of the talk.

This is a ‘must watch’ video!

Creating a WebAssembly-powered Library


WebAssembly is a great tool for bringing existing C / C++ libraries to the web. In this post, Kagami does a great job of describing how to create a library for recording voice messages using the LAME encoder.

Emscripting a C library to Wasm


Another article on the same theme, this one focusses on using Emscripten to compile the WepP image decoder into WebAssemby.

A brain**ck to WebAssembly compiler


Brain**ck is an esoteric programming language with jus a small handful of commands, here is a quick example … [->+<]

This project compiles brain**ck to wasm, giving an online playground.

And Finally …

There’s an upcoming online discussion on wasm on the 29th of March, well worth signing up for.