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Optimizing WebAssembly Startup Time


The PSPDFKit team were early adopters of WebAssembly, using it to create a serverless version of their PDF viewer last year. In this post the team share some tips and tricks on improving WebAssembly startup team - some great advice here!

Speed Without Wizardry


The latest in the source maps optimisation saga! A few weeks back the Mozilla Hacks blog posted and article that detailed how they had significantly improved source map performance using WebAssembly. Shortly after, Vyacheslav Egorov, published an article that showed how more performance could be squeezed out of JavaScript. This post provides further commentary on (and praise for) Vyacheslav’s changes.

WebAssembly architecture for Go


A brief document that outlines the design decisions that went into the new WebAssembly architecture for Go - which is targeted for their 1.11 release.

And Finally …, the site used to distribute Rust packages, has added a WebAssembly category.