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A Wee Allocator for WebAssembly


Rust doesn’t require a Garbage Collector, making it a great language for the current Web Assembly MVP. However, it still needs a way to allocate / deallocate memory. There is currently a lot of focus on ‘slimming down’ Rust WASM modules, and this post takes it to another level, it describes in detail the process of creating a very lightweight memory allocator specifically for WebAssembly.

Emulation in the Browser adds WebAssembly


The Internet Archive has a goal to archive as many old computer games and ROMs as possible, using in-browser emulation to ensure that they are viewable for many years to come. This post announces their plan to use WebAssembly for a better emulation experience.

WebAssembly - it’s Official!


The W3, who govern the various internet specifications, have published the first WebAssembly Working Drafts. We’re on our way to becoming official!

And Finally …

WebAssembly, Flash an a cheeky Queen reference!