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I’m happy to say that I have exceeded the number of responses that were received last year, and early analysis of the data shows that things have changed significantly since 2021. But I’m not going to spoil the surprise … expect to see a write-up of the results in ~1 week.

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This looks interesting, Tarmac is a “Framework for building distributed services with WebAssembly”.


Tarmac is a microservice / serverless framework, written in Go, based on a WebAssembly runtime, allowing users to write their business logic in any Wasm-supported language. Tarmac provides a range of capabilities (Database access, caching, metrics) giving a complete platform for app development.

Lunatic with Bernard Kolobara


Functional features hosts a conversation with Bernard Kolobara, the creator of Lunatic, an Erlang-inspired runtime for WASM. The result is a concurrency model based on processes that don’t share state with each other. These processes ‘spin up’ as separate wasm module instances, and as a result, benefit from the WebAssembly isolation model.

WASI Data Proposal


WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) is a specification that extends the capabilities of WebAssembly via a ‘pluggable’ set of APIs that provide additional capabilities, for example network access, random number generation, and more. The role WASI plays in the WebAssembly ecosystem continues to grow as more and more people and business start using WebAssembly outside of the browser.

The WASI Data Proposal is a relatively recent addition to the proposal process. It has some quite broad goals, adding a range of capabilities that would make WebAssembly an ideal engine for distributed parallel computing on large datasets.

A Full-Stack Web App Using Blazor WebAssembly and GraphQL


This is actually part 3 of a multi-part article series which provides a really in-depth walkthrough of the creation of a Blazor WebAssembly application. A fantastic read for anyone who is considering giving this technology a try.

What Business Problems Does WebAssembly Solve?


A couple of weeks ago there was a WebAssembly track at the Kubecon conference. This article gives a really good overview of the ‘business case’ for WebAssembly with small excerpts from various talks from that event. The author also published an article on “When WebAssembly Replaces Docker”, not ‘if’, but ‘when’ 😉