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WebAssembly and Rust: Performance Analysis


This blog post compares a mandelbrot algorithm implemented in JavaScript, versus a WebAssembly equivalent written in Rust. As previous results have shown, the JavaScript implementation is really quite fast! As we saw last week, WebAssembly’s performance sweet spot is significantly faster parse and load times, not runtime performance.

Astro - a new language that targets WebAssembly


It is taking a while for garbage collected languages to provide WebAssembly support, which is leaving room for some creativity! Astro is a new multi-paradigm language designed specifically for WebAssembly.

Bundler wars, Parcel vs. Webpack


This week has seen significant releases from a couple of web bundlers, first Parcel, a recent newcomer, released v1.5 with WebAssembly support. Parcel has a zero-config design, which means you can just write Rust code, and import it into JavaScript and Parcel will do the rest!

Hot on its heels, Webpack 4.0 beta was released, providing WebAssembly support for C++, Rust and various other languages using their ‘loader’ pattern.

And Finally …

WebAssembly is spreading … this pull request looks at replacing the C++ code in node-sass with WebAssembly. Soon everyone will be using WebAssembly, without even knowing it!