Introduction to Hippo: the WebAssembly PaaS


The Deislabs team are keen advocates of WebAssembly and I’ve featured a number of their creations in the past, including WAGI (Issue #136) and Krustlet (Issue #115). This blog post announces the launch of their latest creation - Hippo, a self-hosted Platform as a Service (PaaS). Thsi gives you everything you need to stand-up a WebAssembly-based runtime for executing cloud functions.

Announcing Profian


And another new platform built on WebAssembly, this time a platform for the execution of code within Trusted Execution Environments, a secure area of processors.

2021 Kubecon NA Cloud Native Wasm Day


You can register now for the CNCF 2021 Kubecon NA Cloud Native Wasm Day. This event has a packed agenda featuring WebAssembly developers and customers deploying wasm in production at large scale with featured speakers from Ant Group, Sony, Shopify, Microsoft, and more.

WebAssembly On Your Nintendo DS


It’s great to see another post from Martin Moxon, who previously run a COBOL-based PONG game using WebAssembly (#118). This post looks at running WebAssembly on the NintendoDS using Wasm3, an interpreter that is popular for running WebAssembly in embedded environments. With Wasm3 up and running, the game itself was written in AssemblyScript.

Joys of porting a kernel to WebAssembly


This one is a bit of an epic, and I must admit, I haven’t had the chance to fully digest this post yet .. if you’re into low-level computing concepts, this post is likely well worth looking at.




UNDERRUN is a fun 3D cave style game written in D, that fits into just 14KBytes of WebAssembly code. You can find the sourcecode on GitHub.