Introducing WebContainers: Run Node.js natively in your browser


OK, this could be big …


Stackblitz is an online IDE for web development, a concept that we’ve certainly seen a number of times before (e.g. codepen). But what makes Stackblitz different is that it runs the full stack (Node et al.) entirely within your browser, thanks to WebAssembly. This brings all sorts of advantages, for example, one-click sharing of your project, improved security via sanboxing (no more concerns about whether a supply-chain attack will run malicious code on your machine).

It’s early days for Stackblitz, but this is a product that shows a lot of promise. And it is only possible due to WebAssembly.

Just for fun, I used Stackblitz to write a simple AssemblyScript application. WebAssembly development within the browser, using an IDE that runs on WebAssembly.

It’s all turtles.

Hello, WASM world - Write your first WASM plugin for Vector


Vector is a tool for creating high-performance observable data pipelines, with extensibility provided by a plugin system. In order to provide a platform and language agnostic plugin runtime, with sanbox-based security, they have opted to use WebAssembly 🎉 - this blog post gives a quick introduction by creating a simple Rust plugin.

WebAssembly Cloud


A major obstacle to trying out new languages technologies is the need to install the required toolchains. I recall the struggles I had when I first installed the Rust toolchain. There is nothing wrong with them (they are actually really rather good), it was simply my lack of familiarity that was the issue.

WebAssembly Cloud removes this obstacle by allowing you to write browser-based WebAssembly applications without the need to install anything. It’s a great tool for just giving this technology a try,

WebAssembly Is the Future of Smart Contracts


Gavin Wood of Polkadot (a technology fr cross-chain interporability) firmly believes that WebAssembly has a bright future in the world of blockchain and smart contracts.