Wasmer 1.0 is now generally available


The team behind Wasmer were some of the first to acknowledge and embrace the potential for running WebAssembly outside of the browser, creating their own standalone runtime, and a business around it. This blog post highlights a significant milestone, their 1.0 release.

In the later half of last year we saw a lot of excitement as the community started to realise that WebAssembly can provide a much more lightweight container than Docker, with sandboxing and security guaranteed. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of wasmer in 2021.

WebAssembly as a MultiLanguage Platform


A Masters Thesis focussed on WebAssembly. I must admit, I have’t read this 60 page document yet, but it certainly sounds interesting. Here’s an excerpt from the abstract:

Developers choose languages primarily off of the quality of libraries in their ecosystemsॽ However, what if languages and libraries were orthogonal. What if multiple languages could be seamlessly adopted in a single application depending on the immediate task at hand?

This thesis discusses a potential future where language interoperability is frictionless.

MicroFrontends With Blazor WebAssembly


Microfrontends are a relatively new architectural pattern that extends the microservices pattern to the front end. Rather than the front-end code being treated as a monolithic, it is composed of independent components that are composed at runtime. This blog post explores this pattern using Blazor.

Origami Simulation in The Web Browser Using WebAssembly



Having received quite an advanced-level origami book (for creating Star Wars models) at Christmas, I could certainly do with some help! This video describes the creation of a simulator using WebAssembly and AssemblyScript.

London - On Air - Closing Panel Discussion


Late last year I appeared on a WebAssembly panel as part of the WebAssembly Live! event. Hosted by Gen, and attended by Alon, Ben and myself, we had a really fun chat about various topics. The discussion has recently been uploaded to YouTube.

And Finally …

Rest in peace my crimson prince - Flash has finally been put to sleep. But rather than celebrate, it is worth thinking about what we have lost. I don’t think anyone will miss the technology, but there are those in the creative industry who feel like they have lost an old friend. RIP Flash ✞