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What Spectre and Meltdown mean for WebKit


While not strictly speaking an article on WebAssembly, this post is certainly worth reading. With all the panic surrounding Spectre and Meltdown, it’s good to read a no-nonsense article about how these attacks work, within the context of JavaScript, and how WebKit are mitigating the attacks.

Building JavaScript and WebAssembly ZXing on Windows


This blog post describes the process of porting a C++ barcode scanner project, ZXing, to WebAssembly using Emscripten.

Video: What WebAssembly means for React


This really interesting presentation, from Lin Clark - who is famed for her code cartoons - looks at how React might make use of WebAssembly in the future. Even if you don’t use WebAssembly directly, you’re very likely to start finding yourself using it indirectly in the future!

And Finally …

Who do you think would describe WebAssembly as “… the fissioned parasitic twin that will grow to lay its progenitor to rest”? - Brendan Eich of course!