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Wasm vs. JS - Real time pitch detection


We all love a good performance comparison … in this blog post the author looks at real-time pitch detection, where the applications monitors sound from the microphone and determines the pitch of any note it ‘hears’. The author took an FFT algorithm and re-wrote it in Rust, then compiled to WebAssembly. He also compared the same algorithm written in JavaScript. And the result? wasm was x8 faster. There’s an online demo and sourcecode too.

Pinky - an NES emulator


One of the most popular ‘hobby’ projects for people playing around with WebAssembly is creating emulators. This one is a NES emulator (an 8-bit console from the 1980s for those too young to remember), written in Rust using the new native WebAssembly backend.

clang in the browser


Once you can compile and run C++ in the browser, anything is possible, and this is a good demonstration that pushes it to the extremes. Here we have the clang compiler, compiled to WebAssembly, running in the browser, allows you to write C++, that is compiled to WebAssembly, client-side. Got it? … Good.

WebAssembly A* Pathfinding Demo


Another Rust demo, with a really good write-up.

Dose Response ported to WebAssembly!


And another one … a Rust game, ported to WebAssembly, with a very detailed write-up.

And Finally …

In response to Spectre and Meltdown, Mozilla are turning off support for a few browser features. Let’s hope WebAssembly isn’t next!