How to Utilize gRPC-Web From a Blazor WebAssembly Application


REST / JSON has become the dominant approach to exposing APIs, due to its simplicity and ease of consumption. However, gRPC, which uses a binary encoding and HTTP/2 (which allows streaming and interleaving requests) is gaining traction. This blogpost looks at how to use gRPC from a Blazor application.

Using Rust and WebAssembly to Process Pixels from a Video Feed


Streem produce interactive augmented-reality tools. One of the guidance tools they are developing for web is a 3D cursor that can be positioned in a remote video. This blog post looks at how you can process frames from a video-source, in real-time, with WebAssembly.

To WASM or not to WASM? - a benchmark story


The dev team at Linkurious, which creates graphs and visualisations that help companies and governments fight financial crime. The team wanted to evaluate whether WebAssembly could offer a performance advantage for their app, so they implemented an n-body simulation using a range of techniques - this blog post shared the results.

How Fastly and the developer community are investing in the WebAssembly ecosystem


The team at Fastly were very early adopters of WebAssembly. Their Compute@Edge platform is a serverless compute environment now in beta, built using WebAssembly. The Fastly team have contributed to many important initiatives including WASI, their Lucet runtime, and AssemblyScript - kudos!