Blazor and EF Core


Blazor is very much targeted at Line-of-Business (LOB) app developers, i.e. those that work in large enterprises, creating tools and apps that are critical to keeping their business processes flowing. This series, by Jeremy Likness, tackles various enterprise concerns, from database access, to the use of Azure Cloud Functions. A must-read for any serious Blazor developer.

Extreme WebAssembly 1: pushing browsers to their absolute limits


I love a bit of ‘extreme’ WebAssembly! The company behind CheerpX have “implemented a fast x86 interpreter and JIT compiler that can generate WebAssembly modules on the fly to efficiently execute arbitrary x86 applications and libraries, fully client-side” - extreme indeed!

A Look Into Creating a Modular WASM Application Outside the Web


Dynamic module linking, the ability to be able to bring together multiple WebAssembly modules at runtime, is an important feature of the specification. This blog post explores techniques for dynamic linking outside of the browser.

Writing a simple WASM API layer using interface types and Wasmtime


The WebAssembly interface types proposal is a relatively new idea that aims to add a new common set of interface types to the core specification. These types describe an interface in such a way the modules (potentially written in different languages) can interoperate at runtime without the need for glue code, or marshalling of data via the host. This blog post explores a practical example.

And Finally …

WebAssembly support is already at 91%!