A Tiny, Static, Full-Text Search Engine using Rust and WebAssembly


Static websites are all the rage at the moment, however, while they have many advantages due to their lightweight nature, the lack of a ‘back end’ does make things like content search more tricky. This fantastic in-depth blog post describes the development of a really lightweight client-side search engine written in Rust.

Pont - a multiplayer board game in Rust and WebAssembly


Pont is a a web-based multiplayer game without any Javascript, both the client and server are written in Rust. The client-side code, which compiles to WebAssembly, uses the web-sys crate for direct DOM manipulation.

C# interop with C/C++ and Rust in WebAssembly


One of the goals of WebAssembly is to make language interop easier in the future, by having code complied from various languages share a common runtime. This blog post looks at calling C/C++ and Rust code from C#.

And Finally …

If you’ve got a few hours to spend, why not try out some classic arcade games via the WebAssembly version of MAME and the Internet Archive.