Why using WebAssembly and Rust together improves Node.js performance


A fantastic in-depth article from a developer in the IBM ‘Garage Method’ team, looking at how they came to choose Rust / WebAssembly, over Scala, for their application. The reasons why the Rust route won were many, including tooling, community, performance and portability.

Photon - Image Processing in WebAssembly


This time last year most of the WebAssembly projects I was sharing were fun prototypes and demos. Now, as WebAssembly has really gained some traction, we’re seeing fully-featured libraries emerge. This one uses Rust / WebAssembly to deliver a high performance image processing library. It has a really smart website too!

What’s behind the hype about Blazor?


Blazor WebAssembly has been drawing a lot of attention over the past year - I’ve noticed a significant number of Blazor questions being asked on StackOverflow, indicating a large user-base, which is probably why the StackOverflow team decided to blog about Blazor. On a personal note, as an ex- Silverlight / WPF developer, I still have my doubts, but am keeping an open mind.

Cærostris - a Blazor Spotify Client


This is very cool - a fully functioning Spotify client written in Blazor WebAssembly. A fantastic example for those of you who are interested in C# / Blazor.

And Finally …

I’m giving an introductory talk to WebAssembly at a local conference, that has now turned virtual, please do sign up if you are interested!