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Video: WebAssembly - Real World Applications


A fantastic session from Chrome Dev Summit that includes a number of real-world examples of WebAssembly.



This is an interesting one … NectarJS is a Compiler-as-a-Service, which compiles JavaScript code into a number of native formats, including Linux and Windows Binaries, asm.js and of course WebAssembly. Unlike AssemblyScript, NectarJS uses static analysis to infer types, allowing you to compile JavaScript directly. It looks like this might eventually become a commercial offering.

Yew - a Rust framework for web apps


This framework, inspired by React and Elm, includes a JSX-style syntax for mixing HTML and Rust code. Yet another example of the Rust community embracing WebAssembly.

Caching WebAssembly modules with IndexDB


A worked example of caching WebAssembly modules.