The WebAssembly App Gap


This is a fantastic blog post that talks about the various features that have been added to the browser, resulting in what will be a new era of browser-based apps - “the browser has become a formidable platform for a whole class of apps that it wasn’t equipped to compete with a decade ago”

The Third Age of JavaScript


And another article on a similar theme - this one doesn’t mention WebAssembly specifically, but the author is discussing similar trends - “2020 feels like the start of a new Age. If the First Age was about building out a language, and the Second Age was about users exploring and expanding the language, the Third Age is about clearing away legacy assumptions and collapsing layers of tooling.”

Blazor WebAssembly is now officially released


Blazor has gone from being a hobby project, all the way to being an officially supported Microsoft product in the space of just three years. This announcement is sure to drive adoption of Blazor among enterprise software developers.

🦕🦀Writing WebAssembly in Rust and running it in Deno!


Deno is a new project that seeks to replace Node, fixing some of the poor design decisions that were made early-on in the project. Deno reached v1.0 just last week. This blog post gives a short and sweet demo or Rust / WebAssembly with Deno.