Scripting Applications with WebAssembly


Miguel de Icaza is very well known for his work on Mono (an open source implementation of .NET) and Xamarin (a cross-platform mobile framework). He is also a keen supporter of WebAssembly, having seen its potential as a runtime far beyond the web browser - “WebAssembly is an incredibly exciting space, and every day it seems like it opens possibilities that we could only dream of before.”

The Future of WebAssembly in Embedded & IoT


WebAssembly is becoming increasingly popular as a blockchain and serverless runtime. However, it is also gaining traction in the Internet-of-Things space. This video is an open conversation between a number of WebAssembly / IoT experts - well worth watching.



Adobe Flash used to be the go-to technology for web-based games, however, since Flash ‘died’ game devs have had to rely on JavaScript. Clearly WebAssembly is now becoming a viable technology and a useful tool for web-based gaming. This is a cool example, with a retro feel.

WebAssembly / eWasm – What, and Why?


This article is part of a wider series, it’s relatively introductory in nature, outline the goals of WebAssembly. However, it does do a good job of describing why this technology is such a good fit for Ethereum and blockchain.

And Finally …

The author of Rome, a new and all-encompassing toolchain for JavaScript, is considering using wasm.