Video: WebAssembly Summit


The first wasm conference, WebAssembly Summit, took place in San Francisco (CA) last week. Talks featured Lin Clark, Alon Zakai, Ashley Williams and many other well-known people in the WebAssembly community. The whole event was live-streamed, and is now available to watch again.

Why Blazor, via WebAssembly, is the future


Blazor is growing in popularity, and there are many people within the Blazor community that feel this technology is going to have a positive future and experience wide-spread use.

Blazor Charts


And a bit more Blazor for you … this is a neat little charting component for your Blazor applications.

The Single Open Intermediate Language


This is an interesting idea - a non-proprietary intermediate language (IL) that could make it much easier for a wide range of languages to target WebAssembly and other runtimes.

And Finally …

If you haven’t got time to watch the WebAssembly Summit live stream, you can re-live it via this excellent live stream on twitter.