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WebAssembly Raytracer


A simplistic raytracer written in C++, and compiled to wasm via Emscripten, compared with JavaScript, asm.js and shader implementations. This is a really fascinating comparison, with performance measurements, that generated a lot of debate on both reddit and hacker news.

Introduction to WebAssembly - Why Should We Care?


There are many articles that introduce WebAssembly, but this one does a particularly good job, highlighting the parse speed as well as runtime performance, “ … this increase in parsing performance alone will permit to put on the web software that would have been impractical to develop before.”

Current State of WebAssembly Podcast


A fun and interesting podcast from a small group of wasm enthusiasts, covering topics including why WebAssembly matters, how Webpack wasm support is evolving. And something about beards.

Color Palettes


A neat little demo that generates color palettes, using a k-means algorithm. It includes the sourcecode, which is written in C and compiled with Emscripten.

And finally …

You can run WebAssembly on your washing machine (in plain English, this is wasm running on an FPGA), and for readers in the UK, an interesting analogy between Brexit and Silverlight!