Announcing GraalWasm — a WebAssembly engine in GraalVM


GraalVM is a high performance runtime that was launched relatively recently. Its primary goal is to improve the performance of Java virtual machine-based languages to match the performance of native languages. With GraalWasm the team have embedded a WebAssembly virtual machine within their runtime, further increasing the number of languages that can run (and enjoy lightweight interop) within their runtime. Exciting stuff!



LaTeX is a popular document markup language that is used extensively in academia. SwiftLaTeX provides a WYSIWYG editor for LaTeX documents, with the rendering powered by WebAssembly. The sourcecode for can be found on GitHub, however, the wasm module is checked in as a binary, so it is not clear how it was built - which is a shame.

Using WebAssembly from .NET with Wasmtime


Wasmtime is the WebAssembly runtime that is being supported by the newly-formed Bytecode Alliance. This blog post announces a .NET Core integration for their runtime, which allows you to integrate wasm modules into .NET applications.

WebAssembly Summit


The recently announced WebAssembly Summit now has a website. They also have an open call for speakers, which has been extended to Dec 11th, so get your submissions in quickly.

And Finally

The team at Uno have created their very own XAML CyberTruck!