WebAssembly on the Blockchain and JavaScript Smart Contracts


WebAssembly, despite the name, is a universal runtime that is finding traction on a number of platforms beyond the web. This blog post explores one such example, the use of WebAssembly as a smart contract engine on the blockchain. It takes a look at NEAR protocol, a blockchain with good AssemblyScript support, and creates a simple meetup-style event website with ticket allocation governed by a smart contract written in JavaScript.

Running WebAssembly on ARM


Why is running wasm on ARM important you might ask? ARM chips are optimised for low power environments, and tend to be used for phones, IoT devices and for edge computing. Clearly is important that we can run WebAssembly in these places!

Made with WebAssembly


This is a fantastic answer to the question - who’s using WebAssembly? a comprehensive list of products, apps and projects that use this technology. I’m sure this list will grow rapidly over time!

Using WebAssembly With CSP Headers


CSP - Content Security Policy Headers - are a way to improve the overall security of your website, reducing the risk of cross-site scripting attacks. CSP headers declare the domains which are permitted to provide executable scripts on a webpage. This post explores how well CSP works with WebAssembly and uncovers some issues …

And Finally

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