Bytecode Alliance


WebAssembly is really gaining moment, not only are we seeing rising adoption and the specification (and capabilities) increasing, we are also seeing new and interesting collaborations. Earlier this year saw the formation of a group to create WASI (WebAssembly System Interface), creating a standard I/O interface for WebAssembly.

This latest announcement sees the formation of the Bytecode Alliance, an industry group that are creating a set of standards that form a foundation making it safe to use untrusted code, no matter where you’re running it. Imagine the number of npm vulnerabilities this approach could solve?

Advanced Blazor: Shared Assemblies and Debugging from Edge


Blazor, Microsoft’s C# framework that targets WebAssembly, is starting to gain traction. In this blog post Jeremy explores a number of advanced features and debugging techniques.

Developing Web apps using QML and Qt for WebAssembly


Qt is another UI framework that recently added support for WebAssembly. This blog post provides a practical introduction and demonstration.

The future of distributed computing; transitioning microservices to WebAssembly(Wasm) via RPC


This interesting article looks at server-side WebAssembly, but rather than using an existing cloud provider that uses the wasm VM (CloudFlare, Fastly), the author creates their own solution by plugging an RPC server (rpcsrv) into WAVM (a WebAssembly interpreter). Neat!

Video - Oh the things you’ll compile


This talk from ChromeDev Summit packs in a lot of great stuff, an intro to wasm and the Chrome engine that runs WebAssembly and its various optimisations. It delves into upcoming features such as threading and SIMD and ends with a look at debugging support.

And Finally

A frequent question I get asked is, “Who is using WebAssembly in production?”, this website, the World of Wasm, answers that question by cataloguing who is using this technology.