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Writing a CHIP-8 Emulator with WebAssembly and Rust


Yes … more Rust!

CHIP-8 was a virtual machine architecture from the 1970s, and a popular choice for emulator authors. In this blog post Colin describes his initial experiences with the Rust programming language and how he built a CHIP-8 emulator.

WebAssembly AMA Video


Last night CatchPoint hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with an ‘all star’ panel of WebAssembly experts, including a number of Working Group members. The video has just been posted online. Definitely worth watching!

WebAssembly Interpreter


This is an interesting project, a WebAssembly interpreter, written in JavaScript. This can be used as a polyfill, bringing WebAssembly to browser that lack support. However, it might also be used to try out new WebAssembly language / API features before they make it into the browser.

Definitely a project to keep an eye on!

Video: WebAssembly - For The Rest Of Us


Another great video, this time for Jan-Erik Rediger, at JS Kongress Munich, who gives a great overview of why WebAssembly was created, and digs into some of the technical details.

And finally …

Wasm streaming compilation arrived in V8, which means … more speed!