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Walt - a JavaScript-like syntax for WebAssembly text format

Writing optimized WebAssembly is pretty tough to do. If you do not wish to use a systems language like C or Rust, then you’re kind of out of luck.

This project provides another route in to writing modules by defining ‘thin layer’ on top of the underlying WebAssembly code itself. This layer is in a JavaScript-like syntax.

Similar to AssemblyScript, this gives web developers another option for targeting WebAssembly.

GlitchBitch - a plugin for animated image effects

Real-time animation and visual effects - this is a pretty neat use of WebAssembly (despite the slightly odd name!)

Disable WebAssembly!

A controversial article that suggests we should all be turning WebAssembly off in our browsers due to a number of security concerns.

While he makes a few interesting points, many of these security flaws are exactly the same for JavaScript.

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Each week we pick out an article that is a must read for anyone interested in WebAssembly.

A cartoon intro to WebAssembly ★

If you only read one think about WebAssembly, make it this! Lin Clark takes us on a tour of compilers, JavaScript virtual machines and what makes WebAssembly fast.

And finally …

A final thought from @viennajs - “no strings, no objects, no problem”